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Doula Care
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Moon Goddess Package 

Initial in person or online meeting, this a free consultation where we will discuss what support you are looking for & get to know each other.

Sliding fees, Payment plans & Energy exchanges can be discussed

Antenatal Care

3 Antenatal sessions

Together we will cover everything you need to enable you to feel confident & excited about your birth intentions.

~Birth plan
~Options & signposting
~Postpartum plan
~Emotional & physical Support

Birth Journey

Birth Attendance

On call for you 24 hours a day from 38 - 42 weeks. After your baby is born I will stay with you for the first 2 golden hours to support you in establishing feeding & leave when you are ready.

~Advocate your birth wishes
~Emotional, physical & practical support
~Placenta preparation

Postnatal Care

4 Postnatal Session

Visits within the first two weeks to support you in early motherhood & recovery. I create time to share your birth story & support you with any appointments.

~Breastfeeding support
~Baby support
~Homemade yummy food

Birth Debrief

Chat & close your birth journey.
Enjoy a reviving womb massage.

Six weeks after your birth we will complete our doula journey together with one postpartum call unless you feel you'd like further support which we can discuss. I also offer a womb massage to realign the womb after Pregnancy & birth.

Extra Info

Photography available as well as unlimited emails, text messaging & zoom calls - Monday to Friday (for all emergencies 24/7 contact).

Alongside our journey you will be introduced to my backup Doula, Bec. If labour is 16 hours or over ~ Bec can join us as an energy booster ~ this is optional & I would only call her if your felt comfortable with her entering your birth space.

'Pay what you can' Investment:
Market Value £1195 // Pay What you can £780 - £1195

I strive for my offers to be accessible to all, please consider what you can invest. I have made this offering available at a sliding scale in trust that folks who can invest financially will be generous & understanding that not only do they support an individual, they also support care for other birthing people.

I can also offer financial plans & energy exchanges if you feel you can't meet the 'Pay what you can' lower investment (please contact me to discuss this further).

Other Offerings 

Birth Journey

Birth Attendance

For birthing people looking for last minute support (after 38 weeks). Please be aware this offering doesn't include any prenatal or postnatal support. It includes a meeting before your birth to chat about your birthing intentions.

'Pay what you can'
£400 - £600 

Postnatal Care

Postnatal Support

Home visits to support you in early motherhood & recovery. I create time to share your birth story, offer baby support, nourish you with homemade food & overall help in anyway I can/am needed to.

'Pay what you can'
£30 - £60 per session

Mother Blessing

A gathering to honour your Pregnancy

We create a safe & yummy container to gather you & your loved ones in circle to play tribute to your journey. I hold you in ceremonial practices such as Anointing & Red Thread. 
See home page for more infomation.

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Antenatal Visits

Together we will cover everything you & your partner need to enable you to feel confident & excited about your birth intentions.

We will explore all your options for birth planning and preparations such as:
~ Stages of labor - what to expect & signs of active labor.

~ Birth plan - making thoughtful decisions to make a positive birth plan which is right for you. 
~ Postpartum plan - in hospital & at home. Also cover feeding options.

~ Hospital plan - always good to have one in case we need to transfer, this covers drugs, Cesarean sections & standard protocols. 
~ Hormones - how they affect the body & how we can provide a space to release helpful ones.
~ Placenta - what you would like to do with it. 
~ Comfort measures (massage, touch, water, Rebozo, music, lights, etc)

I also offer Freebirth, please chat with me in person regarding this.


24 hours, 7 days a week!


From week 38 I am on call all day, every day until your birth! From week 38, you should be resting and preparing yourself for the birth. It is vital that your stress levels are low, therefore all birth plans and preparations should already be completed and in place.

Active Labor


Once your active labor begins you can reach out to me if you wish too, I will then be available to come to you whenever you feel this is right. I will be by your side the whole time, supporting you & any other family members. Helping you with breathing techniques & different activities to relieve discomfort & help you relax. I will also be there to help explain medical terms & procedures. Most importantly be an advocate to follow your birth plan & wishes. I will strive to keep you as comfortable & safe as I can. 

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I believe the day after your birth should be spent resting for you and your baby, where you feel safe and uninterrupted. I will be available for phone calls if needed. After, we will have post-natal visits, preferably in the morning. During these visits I can support you with your feeding method. We will also discuss what's available to you locally and I can signpost you to any relevant information you need. A week after your birth I can also offer Yoni steaming, which helps to heal, cleanse and tone the reproductive system.

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