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Earth Goddess
2 Doulas

Antenatal Care

6 Antenatal sessions

Together we will cover everything you need to enable you to feel confident & excited about your birth intentions.

~Birth plan
~Options & signposting
~Postpartum plan
~Emotional & physical Support

Birth Journey

Birth Attendance

On call for you 24 hours a day from 38 - 42 weeks. After your baby is born we will stay with you for the first 2 golden hours to support you in establishing feeding & leave when you are ready.

~Advocate your birth wishes
~Emotional, physical & practical support
~Placenta preparation

Postnatal Care

6 Postnatal Session

Visits within the first two weeks to support you in early motherhood & recovery. We create time to share your birth story & support you with any appointments.

~Breastfeeding support
~Herbal Rose bath 
~Baby support
~Homemade yummy food

Birth Debrief

Chat about birth journey

Six weeks after your birth we will complete our doula journey together with one postpartum call unless you feel you'd like further support which we can discuss

Goodies Included

~ Holistic ceremonies such as Reiki healing, Shamanic Drumming, Therapeutic touch, Meditation & Energy healing (all optional)
~ Massage during our sessions together or in labour (optional)

Birth pool available for hire for  £65

Closing ceremony

Close your birth in sacred ceremony 

A ritual to nourish & hold you as we create ceremony to close your birth journey. This is totally unique for each birthing person, we may use traditional Rebozo techniques alongside massage & other practices.


Extra Info

Photography available as well as unlimited emails, text messaging & zoom calls - Monday to Friday (for all emergencies we will answer 7 days a week).Included is herbs, oils, teas, tincture, Homeopathy & more to support your mind & body.
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