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About Me

"We all need a village to grow a baby"

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Thank you for coming onto this space to get to know me a little more! I am a seedling Doula – relatively new (trained in 2020) to the world of birth work but with roots reaching back to a past of care work and art therapy. My seed has been planted into the sacred women community and I’m truly honoured to see new roots grow as I open my heart space and gain more experience by supporting different pregnant people and widening my knowledge. I am a very creative soul who grew up connected to mother nature; and was taught at a young age that trusting in our womanhood is the best type of support a woman can receive. I aspire to bring light to your inner women who will accompany you and connect you to a vast depth of power we all hold within.  


Having a Doula present for your birth invokes the feminine archetype of the crone, the mother of the tribe, the protection and wisdom of an elderly women. I strive to channel this energy into my time with you – I would consider myself the archetypical Maiden. As I grow up from my roots to the stability of my trunk; I embrace this deep respect towards the ‘wisdom women’. Embracing their knowledge as a Maiden gives me the opportunity to bring a fresh energy to the Doula experience whilst guiding the deep wisdom of past generations into our conscious journeys. 


I strive for my relationship with each family to be very unique and open, providing as much personalized information as I can. I am inclusive of all identifications and will respect personal views. I’m always learning more with each birth I attend, transforming my knowledge every step along the way. I take time to continuously support you one-on-one by understanding your story and believing in your birth preferences. I aim to advocate for you when needed and be there to signpost you to relevant information if you seek it.

 We all have beautiful bodies that do absolutely incredible things and I aim to give you the support to feel empowered in your own birth.  


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